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Note Worker

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Awakening - Guitar ( Music only -no TAB, no solo )
Awakening - Bass ( Music only -no TAB )
Awakening - Sax
Awakening - Keys
Calafia - Guitar - ( Music only -no TAB, no solo )
Calafia - Bass
Calafia - Keys
Calafia - Sax Alto
Calafia - Sax Tenor
High 5 - Bass
High 5 - EWI ( Electric Wind Instrument ) melody instrument
High 5 - Guitar ( Music only -no TAB, no solo )
High 5 - Keys
Lunar Rotation - Bass
Lunar Rotation - Guitar ( Music only -no TAB, no solo )
Lunar Rotation - Keys
Lunar Rotation - Sax
Mr. Hollywood Line - Bass
Mr. Hollywood Line - Flugelhorn + Sax
Mr. Hollywood Line - Vocals + Keys
Schmooze - Bass
Schmooze - Guitar ( Music only -no TAB, no solo )
Schmooze - Keys
Stay With Me - Bass
Stay With Me - Keys
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