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CDBaby has closed their download store and physical CD distribution. Some of Frank's music is available on Apple Music and Spotify (see below). All of Frank’s music, along with TABs and play along tracks, will soon be available from his online school at:


In the meantime, TABs are still available here. Songs and play along tracks are available for download by sending an email to Frank's store manager. Here's how to do it:

1. Send an e-mail to: fanmail@frankgambale.com

2.  Please list the items you want and we will send a download link within 24 hours. Scroll down the page for available music, and use the links on the right to find play alongs and sheet music.

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Salve (NEW!)

Frank has released his second Soulmine album. The album is entitled "Salve" and can be purchased below!

Just like the first Soulmine album, "Salve" finds Frank and Boca digging deep with very personal concepts, beautiful melodies, and lots of groove.

The album features 10 new tracks that combine these elements with Frank's signature guitar playing!

"Fear of Flyin'"
Full Song Video Filmed and Directed by Nigel Dick


SOULMINE a truly soulful musical collaboration resulting in superbly crafted contemporary songs. GAMBALE soars on both jazz hollow-body & electric solid-body guitars. BOCA has a golden voice which shines throughout delivering powerful heartfelt messages.

  Natural Selection

Hot on the heels of "Natural High", this trio burns brightly and treads lightly. Incredible compositions and stellar performances. Otmaro Ruiz - piano, Alain Caron - bass. Only $18.99 for this limited edition CD. It is also available for download as mp3 or full audio. The music scores and music minus one and play along tracks are also available. 

  Best of Jazz & Rock Fusion

This collection spans almost 25 years of Gambale's rockin' fusion work. This is a thrilling album from start to finish. This album is full of Gambale's classics and clearly demonstrates why he is considered one of the top guitar players in the world.

A perfect introductory album to the fiery guitar playing of Gambale. 5 stars *****

  Best of the Smooth Jazz Side

This collection spans 20 years of Gambale's amazing pop jazz guitar work.

This is the first time a "Best Of" collection of all his smoother jazz music has been assembled. All these songs feature Gambale blazing on his archtop jazz guitars. Wonderful introduction to Gambale on the smooth side. 5 stars *****

  Best of the Acoustic Side

This collection spans 20 years of Gambale's acoustic guitar work. Gambale has a magic touch on acoustic guitar and this album is full of beautiful and passionate performances. This is a must for anyone wanting to experience the softer side of Gambale. 5 Stars *****

  Natural High

The highly anticipated all-acoustic album from Gambale. This album features reworked standards with Gambale’s own melodies and other new compositions. The album is a burning acoustic album and features Otmaro Ruiz on piano and Alain Caron on acoustic guitar bass and Mike Shapiro percussion on some tracks. There are no drums on the album but you don't even notice leaving the sound spectrum clear for the acoustic instruments to shine and blend. This is an absolute gem of an album.

  Raison D'Etre

FG's amazing album featuring the legendary BILLY COBHAM on drums and Steve Billman on bass. This album is the debut of Frank's new innovative guitar tuning called "Gambale Tuning". You will hear chords that you have never heard coming from guitar. His new compositions inspired by the new tuning plus Cobham on drums adds up to Mr. G's best album so far.

Amazing. 5 stars *****

  Absolutely Live - In Poland

Another exciting live album from Gambale on Wombat Records recorded during the Passages/Thinking Out Loud period in Poland in 1996 with a strong Polish group. Gambale's playing is amazing as always. Particularly noteworthy is his rendition of the standard Stella By Starlight, the album’s bonus track.

  Resident Alien: Disc 1


This double live collection is almost two solid hours of serious live burn from the sweep picking guru, Gambale. It spans the best of 20 live performances in Los Angeles with his fusion trio over a one year period up until January 2001. Serious fans will be breathless listening to this no holds barred, free expression of soaring guitar work. An absolute must! This album is available again in limited numbers on CD in two parts Disc One and Disc Two.

  Resident Alien: Disc 2

Part 2 of the amazing live series from Frank Gambale! A must have!

  Coming To Your Senses

This album is more on the Rock side of Fusion with Gambale unleashing some of his best work. Catchy melodies and unbelievable guitar dexterity displays why Gambale is one of the top players in the Rock/Fusion field. The layered guitar harmonies are a delight throughout. If there is a definitive Gambale album for those of you who haven't heard him yet....this is a great introduction. Hans Zermhuelen keys, Ray Brinker, Enzo Todesco, Joel Taylor and Mark Schullman drums.

  Thinking Out Loud

Gambale's last JVC release. This album features him playing mostly a hollow body jazz guitar. Hearing Gambale playing clean with every note clear as a bell is a real treat. George Benson heard this album and went to see him perform during his tour in Sydney. George raved about the show and pronounced Gambale as the "Master of Sweeping". Classic tunes such as "Magritte", "No-Neck Louie" and "The Avengers Suite", some of his best writing ever, plus distorted electric guitar on the tune "My Little Viper" much to our delight. Features an all-star lineup including Dave Weckl, Alphonso Johnson, Brian Auger, David Goldblatt, Otmaro Ruiz and others.


Passages is regarded as Gambale's best overall album. Strong songs and strong performances by the whole all-star lineup. Otmaro Ruiz, the sensational keyboardist from Caracas, Venezuela is a perfect match for Gambale. The rhythm section is the firepower of Alphonso Johnson ( bass ), and Walfredo Reyes Jr. ( drums ). A classic album with classic songs like "Passages", "Little Charmer" and "6.8 Shaker".

  The Great Explorers


For this must-have rock/fusion classic,Gambale recruited none other than Stu Hamm, Jonathan Mover and B-3 Hammond organ player Tom Coster. The result, absolute fireworks. Many fans consider this his best album leaning more towards rock than fusion. Outstanding performances throughout as Gambale sweeps clean!

  Note Worker

Gambale's second JVC release with brilliantly crafted instrumental and vocal songs. Frank’s voice is solid and suits his music perfectly. Blazing guitar work on "High 5", "Schmooze"and "Jet Rag" will keep the fusion guitar fans happy too. Features Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Kei Akagi, Steve Tavaglione and others.

  Thunder from Down Under

This album was Gambale's first with a major label. It includes some incredible guitar performances on tracks such as "Leave Ozone Alone" and "Samba Di Somewhere". Features Chick Corea, Vinnie Coliauta, Greg Bissonette, Abe Laboriel and others.


Gambale's first live album and third solo album now available on Wombat Records. Some say this is Gambale's best recording and the album that made him famous!. It is ferocious from start to finish. Gambale recorded this album immediately after a long tour with Chick Corea and the Elektric Band and his chops were flying. Definitely need to strap in with a seat belt while listening to this one. It features Kei Akagi ( kbd ), Steve Tavaglione ( sax, EWI ), Joe Heredia ( dr ), Steve Kershisnik ( bass ).

  A Present For The Future

This album made a lot of people particularly guitar players even famous ones, scratch their heads in wonderment unanimously saying "how does he do it?".

His second solo album now available on Wombat Records. Gambale's sweep picking technique is in top form on this recording and was the album that Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead heard in his car while driving along one day when he heard Frank playing for the first time he said "I nearly drove off the road!!". Some reviewers say that this album has some of Gambale's best compositions. A must for any serious Gambale collector. Also features Steve Smith, John Patitucci, Steve Tavaglione, Kei Akagi and Steve Kershisnik.

  Brave New Guitar

This is Gambale's first solo album now available on Wombat Records. This is a classic from an historical point of view as well as a sonic one. Songs such as "Credit Reference Blues", "Spending Sunday With You", "Fe Fi Fo Funk" put the world on notice that a new guitar monster was on his way.

Gambale's sweep picking technique is very evident even on this early recording. A must for any serious Gambale collector. 5 Stars *****

  Gambale & Colonna

This album is a wonderful blend of two great guitarists from completely different worlds meeting in the middle to create beautiful, passionate music. Rich melodies with fiery and melodic solos is a must for all Gambale fans and a must for those who may never have heard Colonna's wonderful touch. Classical meets Fusion, the result is virtuosity and melody all rolled into one.

  Show Me What You Can Do

This album the first of three fiery, blazing fusion albums by this group of Titan. Gambale, Hamm and Smith deliver phenomenal performances. Some of Gambale's best playing on record. Must have for all serious fusion fans.

  The Light Beyond

The follow-up album to "Show Me What You Can Do" is more proof that this trio, Gambale Hamm and Smith is a force to be reckoned with. This album is very strong from beginning to end. The compositions have evolved and the playing gelled, this trio is simply dangerous. Gambale's guitar arrangements are extraordinary and his playing is breathtaking. A must have for serious fusion fans.


The third album from this landmark group. Mind-boggling performances from start to finish. The group takes the music in a new direction on this ground-breaking album with FG playing acoustic guitar for half the collection. Strong compositions and fiery performances make this album an aural delight. There's nothing here but quality playing from Gambale, Hamm and Smith.

  Best of GHS

A collection of the best from this powerhouse trio's three albums. If you haven't heard the three albums then this is a fantastic sampling.

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