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All In The Game - Bass n Drums
All In The Game - Keys
Be The Change - Bass n Drums
Be The Change - Piano
Be The Change - Rhythm Guitar
Enchanted Love - Vocal Parts
Enchanted Love - Bass n Drums
Enchanted Love - Piano
Enchanted Love - Rhythm Guitar
Forbidden Kiss - Rhythm Guitar
Forbidden Kiss - Master
Forbidden Kiss - Strings
Keep Leadin Me On - Vocal Parts
Keep Leadin Me On - Bass n Drums
Keep Leadin Me On - Rhythm Guitar
Keep Leadin Me On - Piano
Live Your Dream - Rhythm Guitar
Live Your Dream - Bass n Drums
Live Your Dream - Master
Love Set Me Free - Bass n Drums
Love Set Me Free - Piano
Love Set Me Free - Rhythm Guitar
Open Your Mind - Bass n Drums
Open Your Mind - Keys
Open Your Mind - Rhythm Guitar
Saved Me From Myself - Vocal Parts
Saved Me From Myself - Rhythm Guitar
Saved Me From Myself - Lead Sheet
Sun Will Shine - Piano
Sun Will Shine - Rhythm Guitar
Sun Will Shine - Bass n Drums
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