Famous Quotes about Frank Gambale

CHICK COREA – Jazz Legend.
“Everything you touch with your guitar turns gold - - always has!”

Pat Metheny – Jazz Guitarist.
I’d like to take a month off and study with Frank Gambale to improve my playing technique.”
Guitar Player Magazine

John McLaughlin – Jazz Guitarist
“I’d like to cut his hands off.” – Chitarre Magazine Italy

JERRY GARCIA (The Greatful Dead)
"A guy I really like is Frank Gambale. His playing is ferocious. It’s a whole different sound, which he gets from his choice of intervals. His smoothness is unbelievable. I never heard a guitar player play that kind of stuff. That snap, the clarity! I love that stuff." – Musician Magazine Interview

“My personal favourite guitarist is Frank Gambale.” – Rolling Stone Magazine interview.

Dweezil Zappa (Zappa Plays Zappa)
“In order for me to play the really hard stuff on guitar, I had to completely revise my picking technique, as I found strict alternate picking to be too cumbersome. So I studied Frank Gambale’s method.” – Guitar Player Magazine

Bill Milkowski – Author and freelance Music Journalist.
“ The level of accomplishment that Frank has achieved on the guitar is nothing short of astonishing. Whatever context he’s in, Frank Gambale is bound to stun. He’s a guitarist whose amazing technique is surpassed only by his ultimate taste, finesse and musicality. And that goes a long way.”

"His technique is nothing short of awesome. The speed, fluidity and sheer command that he demonstrates on his solos are a constant source of amazement to guitar enthusiasts all over the world. – DownBeat Magazine

Jim Ferguson – Guitar Player Magazine.
“Of course Frank Gambale has amazing chops, but leaving it that does him an injustice. Gambale is a top player, and a technical innovator who only uses his facility to execute ideas. In short, he is a remarkable musician.”

Mo Nazam – The Guitar Magazine (England)
"Anybody who keeps up with developments in modern guitar styles will need no introduction to Frank Gambale. He's achieved near superstardom as a result of both his work with Chick Corea's Elektric Band and the popularization of his guitar technique known as sweep picking. His Sweep picking technique has made him an influential player to rock guitar players, metalheads and jazzers alike”.

“[Frank] Gambale seems so born to his instrument that it s simply part of his armature. His solos each had the same quality: unbelievable speed and clarity, attained through his sweep-picking technique, in which the guitarist s picking hand scarcely seems to move.” – The New York Times, in review of a performance with Chick Corea

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